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The craft of photography can be quite exciting but also challenging. Photography can be described differently by each person as something unique and just like any other kind of art the concept of beauty can be appreciated in many ways. It’s clear that there are some basic rules to create photography, however the final product may change depending on the photographer style or the message that will be delivered to the people looking at it.

Understanding the basic concepts of photography as well as the configuration of your camera will play a critical role on the development of your craft, so in this blog I’m going to share some basic information about photography from my own perspective and using my own words.



As photographer I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people and take my camera to some places around Canada, USA and Mexico and I am always looking for new adventures in new places to create more content and keep practicing. As many other jobs the photography business is always evolving, changing into new ways to take photos, and every year we have access to better and more affordable equipment.

Being a photographer may look like easy job but let me tell you it’s more complicated than you think, many times, especially when you are starting you will have to have another job which would be your first source of income until you manage to land some clients and make a living from photography so that means sometimes you will be overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to do until you become a full time photographer on your own. With this I’m not trying to persuade you to not follow your dream but as I said before I just want to share my own experience hoping this helps if you are seeking to pursuit a photographer career or any other kind of art and make a living from your craft.

For my next blog I’m going to talk about the different photography styles so you might be able to discover which one is the right fit for you, so stay tuned to my website for my next blog, in the meanwhile I invite you to visit my social networks and follow to stay tuned, find me as @The_Photographer_Path in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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